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for Agencies & Advertisers

At TabMo, leading mobile DSP, independent & built for mobile, we place customer service as our core value.
Along with the best of technology, we provide full sets of solutions for agencies & advertisers.
From global 7/7 support & open APIs, to training programs & creative services, our team is giving you the best support you deserve, on a global scale.


Need a tailor made creative ? Our teams of experienced mobile creative designers is working with you to build exactly what you need, so you can benefit from the best of creativity & programmatic.


Hawk University is the first mobile certification program. Enhance your knowledge on the Mobile programmatic environment and train your team to the Hawk capabilities. From the basics to the expert level.


As any advertising buyer, you need to get full transparency on your activity, both on media costs and context where your campaigns are delivered. On Hawk, everything is transparent, as you have access to the URL level of the impressions you are buying. You can select between Open Auction, Private auction, preferred deals and automated guaranteed buys to find the best balance for your KPIs.


TabMo is accessible everywhere and can display a campaign everywhere on any mobile device. We access worldwide premium inventory for your global media budgets. Additionaly, you can connect with the nearest of our 6 regional offices, in the US and Europe for local support.


Programmatic media is an ecosystem, where demand, supply & data technologies work together. Hawk platform has been built to scale in this ever evolving tech landscape. Our open API allows you to connect with all your existing partners inside the platform. You can plug your custom stacks into Hawk, and increase your benefits from our platform.


We pride ourselves in the great feedback we receive from our clients on the quality of our support teams around the world. In the Adtech world, quality support and help provided is as important as the quality of algorithms. We take your words into account everyday to answer all your questions within the tightest timings.

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